the story

Thanks for stopping by! I'm Em, a small town Northern Michigan gal living and making art in Colorado. 

I stumbled into ceramics nearly 2.5 years ago in an attempt to discover my creative side after letting my analytical side take the reigns for too long. The connection was instantaneous, and I fell in love hard and fast with the medium of clay. I could never in my wildest dreams have anticipated making pieces that would someday be passed from my hands to those of family and friends, old and new, all over the map. 

The heart of Nightshade is, and in some ways has always been, finding the intersections between art and science, style and function, and to bring a bit of magic into everyday life. 

Outside of ceramics you can usually find me watching a horror movie, cuddling my kitty Curt, working on different art projects, or reading a book out of my never ending stacks. Tag along for all of these on my instagram (nightshadeceramics), or check out the blog (coming soon) if you want to learn more about the process!