Are items microwave/dishwasher safe? 

Unless stated otherwise, yes! All items will be safe for the microwave. It is recommended, however, to gently hand wash each item to ensure its longevity.

What's your return policy?

Due to the long and arduous nature of ceramics, there will be no returns. Each product will be well described and photographed so you are confident in the product you are ordering. 

How long until my order ships? 

Orders will go out within 3-5 days of being placed.

Is there a shipping discount if I live local? 

There is! Just use code "LOCAL" at check out and your shipping fee will be waived. Email me after you've placed the order and used the code, and we can arrange for a pick-up if you're in the Loveland/Fort Collins area. 

Do you ship internationally?

At this moment in time the answer is an unfortunate "no". I would love to be able to make that happen in the future, though! 

What if my order arrives damaged/is lost?

I pack each order very carefully to do my best to prevent damage. However things do happen. Each package sent out will be insured by the USPS, UPS, or Shipsurance, so if something were to happen after it's left my hands they will be responsible for covering the damages or lost/stolen goods. You can file a claim with them on their websites. 

It will be their responsibility to compensate you, so I will not offer refunds in this case. They will be the ones to compensate you but PLEASE reach out to me to let me know. I always strive to do better and want to be able to offer any help if the shipping company makes things difficult for you with claims. If they do, I can go ahead and file for you :)

Is there any special care I should take with my new pieces?

Gentle handling and washing is always recommended. These are stoneware pieces and are susceptible to temperature shock. It is not recommended to oscillate a piece between extremely cold and hot temperatures. Taking a piece out of the fridge or freezer and then filling with boiling water (or vice versa) can cause temperature shock which can lead to cracking over time. 

To prevent cracking and temperature related shocks, be sure to warm up your piece before adding boiling water to it. Running it under a warm water faucet should do the trick. Same goes for colder temperatures. 

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me!

Email: nightshadeceramics@gmail.com